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Budpak was founded in 1994 by Arthur “Bud” Pion. After spending over 40 years supplying packaging of all kinds to the pharmaceutical and retail over-the-counter industry, Buddy recognized the need for dermatological and first aid creams that could be sold at reasonable prices. Using high quality ingredients and proven tested formulas, he produced compounds that would provide relief from many of the most common skin conditions.  Upon his retirement in 2006, Buddy sold Budpak to Steven Singer, who had been a consultant to the company since its inception. To this day, Buddy remains active as a consultant to Budpak.

Today, Budpak’s products have been proven to be very popular alternatives to the higher priced creams and ointments sold by major pharmaceutical companies, and

are carried in supermarkets, pharmacies, discount and variety stores, online, and convenience stores across the US, and worldwide.

Our employees are committed to providing customers with premium, where quality control meets the highest standards, with every one of our items undergoing rigorous testing before it gets the Budpak approval.  All research facilities are well-equipped and well-staffed. Strict quality assurance is provided to ensure that all Budpak products meet the highest efficacy, hygienic, and safety standards.  New products are continually being formulated. These products are thoroughly tested before they are put on the market. Every effort is made to ensure that the consistency and texture of our creams and ointments will enhance customer compliance and healing.  Because the demand is high for our over-the-counter creams and ointments, we are constantly expanding our lines.​

Budpak’s products guarantee strict and certified product testing, compliant with all American regulatory standards of the FDA, so we can proudly assure consumers of maximum quality at, best of all, guaranteed low prices. Budpak's product line is available for US and worldwide distribution and ships from Budpak’s east coast warehouse.

With all of our product lines, private label and contract programs are available.

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